Fri. Sep 11th, 2020

Movie News


How many critics do you have?

First of all, we don’t call them critics. We call them our movie enthusiasts. We have around 10-15 people reviewing a film. We give them a guide on how to score and then they will individually send us their scores. At the end of the day, we tally them as the average review score that we publish in our sites.

Do you only review commercial films?

Majority of our film reviews are commercial films but we also review award winning short films and documentary films. Most of them came from the suggestion of our readers so if you want us to review a particular film, let us know and we will see if we can do it.

Do you have any school partner?

Currently, no. But we have good relations with almost all of the film schools in Netherlands. Sometimes, we publish reviews and ideas that are written by their students with their permission. If you want to study film making, please contact the school directly.

Do you also provide workshops on film making?

We only had it once before but right now, we are focusing on increasing the quality of our contents. We focus on checking as many films as possible so we always have great content that we can show you. We hope that if ever later on we decide to do it, you’ll attend.

Who decides on your top list?

Everyone in the panel decides. We usually sit around and discuss our choices and then we based it on our metrics. In this way, we are able to maintain the integrity of our top list because we base it on actual rubrics. So if someone complains, we have something that we can show them.

Every when do you update your contents?

We usually update our top list every quarter. But we continuously publish stories and content on our site especially if there are new films that was just released. Please follow our social media accounts to stay updated on our contents and the latest movie reviews.

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