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AVENGERS, ASSEMBLE! Our Top Marvel Picks

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The End Game literally marked the end of an era in the Marvel cinematic universe. We saw the end of the story of the original avengers. For some, it was the most emotional ride. But it is an opportunity for us to celebrate the great films that Marvel brought to us. Fortunately, they are now available online for download using our promo codes!

In here, we have listed our 5 favorite Marvel films in no particular order:


This was the third installment of the Captain America film series. It featured a lot of the characters in the franchise. The great thing about this film is they found the balance of action and developing a story. In here, we got to meet an emotional life of Iron Man and Winter Soldier and how they were parts of each other lives.


Thor is one of the franchise’s series that tanked in the box-office. Its first two films did not do great in the cinema but this movie saved the franchise. It also introduced a new formula in the next films of Marvel. The film is hilarious and action-packed. It also developed the characters in a deeper level that people can now relate.


This is the film that started it all. The movie that changed the landscape of Marvel cinematic film. In this origin film, we got to know how Tony Stark transformed from an asshole to a hero that we know him today. It also set the tone of the next marvel films.


This is a pleasant surprise because the film is a bit different from the usual marvel films. However, it is still a box-office hit as it mixed a great storyline, well-developed characters, and amazing soundtracks. This is the film that also provided the backbone of the whole Marvel cinematic world.

Although we said that this is in no particular order, we still can’t help but to decide on our top pick.


Wakanda Forever! This film should be considered a classic. Aside from a great premise, and a great cast, we are also treated with an unconventional story of the hero and the anti-hero. We get to experience the advanced world of Wakanda and how one should accept his responsibility to the people.

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