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During the Dutch summer, locals found a way to put their beautiful evening in to good use. There are a number of organizations that embraced the clamour of locals and tourists to be outdoors at night. Aside from partying and going to Amsterdam top sightseeing spots, they thought of showing a movie and using the dark sky as the backdrop as an innovative activity.

Whether you’re into indie movies, or just looking to kill some time while you are on your Amsterdam holiday, there is something that will definitely suit your taste in the following outdoor cinema festivals.

Pluk de Nacht

Location: Stenen Hoofd, Westerdoksdijk

Pluk de Nacht is the prioneer of the outdoor cinema. It is now one of the largest outdoor festival in the country.

Over the years, aside from showing movies, they also have workshops, art installation, and panel discusions about the movies, animations, and documentaries they show.

World Cinema Amsterdam Open Air

Location: Marie Heinekenplein & Vondelpark
The World Cinema Amsterdam focuses on films from Africa, Latin America and Asia.This festival shows movies from the regions mentioned above that would otherwise not make it in Europe.

Westbeach Film Festival

Location” Sloterplasbad, President Allendelaan 3

Located in the up and coming area of New West, this beautiful cinema festival features a variety of films form classics, to modern favorties as well as the best final projects from the Filmacademie.

Aside from festivals, there are also venues that have outdoor screenings in gorgeous locations.

Films with a View at Pllek

Location: Pllek, TT Neveritaweg 59

Located on a sandy urban beach, Pllek uses its top terrace during summer as thee venue of their movie screening every Tuesday in August. The faint glow coming from the boats and the twinkling stars are the perfect background of whatever moviews they show.

Rooftop Movie Nights

Location: Floor 17, Staalmeesterslaan 410

At the top of the Ramada Apollo Hotel, Floor 17, Rooftop Movie Nights found a permanent venue.For a steep fee of 17.5 euro per screening, this was a great experience because it’s not crowded and the view is spectacular. Plus they only show holywood classics.

On the Roof

Location: Roof of the VU, De Boelelaan 1105

This one is an offshoot of World Cinema Amsterdam where they continue showing films for 5 nights. They also do some panel discussion with guest speakers and academics regarding the topics discussed in the film.

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