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Do you need a breather and want to take your mind of from your problems? Watching comedy film is a great idea so you can relax for a bit and laugh. Grab some popcorn and prepare your drinks as you go through this list of our favorite comedy films available when you shop online using online shopping discount coupons on YouTube or Amazon.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

We all know who Borat is. He was the one who made mankini (a bikini for men) famous and acceptable. Sascha Baron Cohen proved his comedic genius as he used improve and real interaction with people to create this film (while those who were filmed have no idea of the mobile traffic camera app). That’s why, after this film’s release, you’ll hear people “nice” and “high five” everywhere.

When Harry Met Sally

You’ll find this film in almost every list of best rom-com films of all time. And it is well-deserved as much as a targeted web traffic. The leads delivered powerful emotions and performance that will take you to an emotional roller-coaster ride. And to add to that, the supporting casts did their jobs to as they perfectly harmonized with the lead’s acting resulting into this classic masterpiece.

life of brian

Life of Brian

When the film’s production was initially announced, it gained the ire of the Catholic Church as its original title was “Jesus Christ: Lust of Glory.” Due to several outcry from religious groups and problems in funding, it met quite a few bumps but still managed to finish the film resulting to a surreal satire, sharp allegories, and in-depth discussion of religion and Latin grammar.


Up until now, we don’t know what happened but this film, in paper, shouldn’t work. But it did – unlike those from cheapest hotels in Amsterdam holiday.  This hilarious film is so funny that another film was created just from the discarded scenes that didn’t make the cut in the final film. The illogical plot and rambling performance of the actors add to its comedic appeal. With several quote-worthy dialogue, it’s not surprising that it’s definitely one of the funniest films.

And the funniest of them all…

Groundhog Day

This is one of the best films of Bill Murray. Aside from being a funny guy, it was surprising that he could be a great romantic lead. This film got the nod of critics and also in box-office securing its spot in this list.

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  1. I will try to watch all these. I admit, I haven’t watched any of your suggested film in your list here but I am pretty much willing to pay for these films because I trust your suggestions. I watched all the romantic films you suggested and they made it to my list of favorite films of all time. Please continue suggestion great films to us!

  2. I never really like Borat but I admit, it was hilarious. I just feel like the jokes went too far. But I agree with you with the Groundhog Day. I won’t say it’s hilarious all throughout. It has its moments. But it’s magic is mixing the romantic side of the story with the perfectly timed jokes and banters by the lead and supporting cast.

  3. I’ll never forget about that mankinis! We were in our summer vacation in Phuket when a group of Americans wearing mankinis rushed towards us. I mean, I knew it was hilarious on film but I never thought it would be more hilarious in person. They look pretty stupid with their unshaven parts down there. But they were having fun so we didn’t mind what they were doing.

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