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Fall in Love with these Great Romantic Films

Are you feeling a little bit romantic this weekend and you want to watch some great love stories? Or you want to be reminded how to fall in love again through the stories of these great films? We have listed our recommended romantic films that you should have watched already, and you should watch again on a parship dating app. Download these films when you shop online!

Brokeback Mountain

We’re going to start at the most controversial right away. This film made Heath Ledger a household name because of his performance in this film. But this talks about the love story of two cowboys who fell in love but had to live with the reality that their love is not accepted yet by the society. The perfect ensemble of cast will really make you long for the kind of love that they had.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

kate winsletThis film is a different experience because it gives us a non-linear narrative of the story giving us the preview of the film’s ending right away. But it doesn’t matter because as we witness the happier days of the couple, we get to question why great love sometimes don’t last. We get to understand why they chose to forget the love they had through a memory-erasing procedure.

Pretty Woman

This film made Julia Roberts our rom-com royalty. Playing the role of a hooker with a golden heart who made a deal with an uptight businessman. She got her fairytale love story and a great makeover. And she’s able to touch the heart of Richard Geere as they discover new perspectives about true love and commitment.



The love story portrayed in this film is perfectly devastating. Within the film’s first five minutes, we fell in love with the characters and felt their sadness as Ellie died of old age. Carl, living alone, decided to embark on his journey to preserve Elle’s memory and to make their dream adventure come true. Don’t be shy if you cry over the internet streaming!


This classic is a no-brainer. It is one of the best and most-heartbreaking romantic film of all time. The unexpected love story of Jack and Rose became a worldwide phenomenon. Up until now, the film is still being referenced in different shows and movies.

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3 thoughts on “Fall in Love with these Great Romantic Films

  1. I’m glad Pretty Woman made it in your top list. I love that film and it’s my go-to film whenever I feel like I want to fall in love again. The story and acting are on point. And it somehow created the formula of romance films that we are now seeing being shown worldwide. There are so many films I know that almost copied the idea of this film!

  2. To be honest, I like your list but I thought you will include films that have happier ending since it’s in romance category. But most of these films really made me cry. Not just cry, but ugly cry. I can relate with the reaction in Up. I wasn’t expecting that first five minutes and it really made me sad that I had to pause the film so I can get over the scene.

  3. My tip: watch these films with your friends and you’ll have a great time crying together. It was such a fun experience. We did this after one of our friends had a big heartbreak and we all watched these films. Prepare a lot of tissues because you’ll cry buckets of tears and I’m not even joking.

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